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Quick Announcement

18 March 2017
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Just wanted to jump on here and say that if you see a bunch of old pictures being re-added to the gallery, it’s because I made a new watermark for the site and almost all of the old pictures aren’t replacing the old watermark with the new one.
The gallery will still be viewable during this process. I’m just trying to make the site more uniform.

Announcement + Photoshoot Photo Additions

03 March 2017
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For those of you who follow the site’s Twitter and/or Instagram social networks, you already know what I am about to announce: I will not be updating the 2017 Public Appearances part of the gallery until March 28, 2017. I am seriously behind on the Public Appearances category in general, and I’d like to take some time to get more caught up. In addition to that, I am having a hard time collecting pictures of every premiere, photocall, et cetera in a timely manner. I’m halfway through this semester in college, so my offline life is pretty hectic as well as my online life. Once April comes around, hopefully I will be more on top of things.

I have added some photoshoot pictures to the gallery today. I still have many more to collect; that’s one thing I’d like to work on this month.
Very soon I plan to start adding 2012 Public Appearance photos to the gallery. Maybe even today!

2017 Photoshoot | Session 001 | +6 Photos (UPDATE)

2017 Photoshoot | Session 004 | 2 Photos

2017 Photoshoot | Session 005 | 6 Photos

2017 Photoshoot | Session 006 | 1 Photo

2015 Portrait | Session 006 | 1 Photo

2013 Photoshoot | Session 010 | 1 Photo

2012 Photoshoot | Session 008 | 3 Photos

2011 Photoshoot | Session 007 | 1 Photo

2011 Photoshoot | Session 016 | 1 Photo

2010 Photoshoot | Session 014 | 2 Photos

2008 Photoshoot | Session 003 | 4 Photos

2007 Photoshoot | Session 006 | 18 Photos

2007 Photoshoot | Session 008 | 1 Photo

Site Officially Open!

10 February 2017
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After a little more than 2 weeks of preparation, I’m officially putting the site online!
The gallery already has files in it. 10,054, to be exact.
I am really proud of all the hard work I’ve put into the site, and I hope you find Loving Emma Watson enjoyable to view and (hopefully) come back to view.
Hopefully by the end of this month I will have a custom set of themes for this site. For the time being, the pre-made themes that are currently on the site will remain.
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