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Photo Gallery Additions | Fifteen 2013 Appearances, Two 2017 Appearances

I’ve been hard at work today!
I have completed the 2013 Public Appearances portion of the gallery, and I have added pictures from both today’s Beauty and the Beast London photocall (more coming soon) and from yesterday’s Beauty and the Beast London premiere (photos courtesy of
I am only linking the added 2017 appearances in this post. If you’d like to know which 2013 albums are new, all except the People’s Choice Awards have been added today.)

    I am going to take a hiatus from maintaining this site.

Not a long one; probably just a few days.
Keep checking back for more updates to the site.

Beauty and the Beast London Premiere | 2017 (Thanks to for the pictures)

Beauty and the Beast London Photocall | 2017 (More pictures will come soon)

Gallery Additions | Beauty and the Beast Paris Photocall

I have added 35 new files of Emma at the Beauty and the Beast Paris photocall.
Click here to see the album. Below I have included a few thumbnails.

Gallery Additions | 2014 Public Appearances

The 2014 Public Appearances part of the gallery is finally complete! So now onto 2000-2013 (one album of 2013 is already up). Wish me luck; I’ll need it.

2014 Public Appearances
2013 Public Appearances (in progress)

2017 Elle Style Awards | Gallery Addition

I have added 10 files from tonight’s Elle Style Awards.